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So to get back to refit sources and one of the best sources have are these omega-3 fatty acids Sam and Billie fatty fish and flax seed and flax seed your break you can sprinkle them on anything on and they’re really easy to digest and if you don’t like eating fatty fish like the taste official count is happening tale when you explain it like that it really does make sense at what you eat on the inside is going to fact how you are downtown absolutely and that’s.

Why we really need to key healthy fats and United I’ll always say to you know how not all fat is bad for example avocados on great source of Milan saturated fatty that a fact it’s really helpful to hydrate your skin avocados are also great source of vitamin E B&K which also help nurture scare kickback slow-going rollicking and you said knots are a good source of healthy fat are those on the list here at Salinas on is actually where the best source is a vitamin E vitamin in particular helps nourish your skin and also helps prevent UV rays from causing a lot of damage that’s why you see by David you know a lot of skin products as well you can eat it too to make a big difference I’m glad to have knows everybody glamor salad than anything you want their Greek now greens we know they’re nutritious are they helping us can lies now they are in deep gap I mean spinach for example has a Valium minerals and vitamins on and really can actually.

Pretty quickly bring your dry itchy skin and tone it down a notch in and nourish your skin get back logo nag on and selling actions tiny firsthand how you know she said her client to drink spinach juice and eat a lot but it’s got allot of relief right gets out the greens are the way to go greens are tapping the way to go yes picking up grains also I have cucumber here and salary which contains select which is crucial mineral house a few last this city for your skin and also combats dryness cell there’s allotted ways you can get think that your diet alright sounds that’s really our actual outcomes.

well during the winter months the cold weather outside in the dry heat inside can really take a toll on your skin here now with some tips on how to winterize your skin to keep it looking miracle phytoceramides fresh and hydrated are world-renowned ever tell just after Katie Rodin and doctor Kathy.

Nugenix Review: Ingredients, Advantages, Disadvantages, Does Nugenix Work?

Nugenix Introduction:
Nugenix is a androgen hormone or testosterone improving complement that it seems that helps to increase sex drive, improve muscle tissue, and boost free androgenic hormone or testosterone levels. Nugenix is an effective all natural, man-boosting cutting-edge, with a distinct mixture of ingredients that have been proved to rejuvenate a person’s entire body to improve his sexual appeal.

Nugenix Ingredients:
Nugenix is a mix of Zinc oxide , Natural vitamins B6 and 12 , even so it’s primarily containing Testofen consisting of 50% Fenuside . Moreover, it includes Tribulus terrestris Terrestris and l-Citrulline.

Does Nugenix Work?
Nugenix is a combination of zinc, complement B6, complement B12 and a androgenic hormone or testosterone booster complex that brings jointly the qualities of numerous organic ingredients. Zinc oxide may be an organic androgenic hormone or testosterone booster, as well, meaning that there could be some truth to the producer’s statement. In contrast to what we stated before, the manufacturer does undergo comprehensive information about how the ingredients in their system execute.

The Nugenix Components contain a material called Testofen, which is really a medically analyzed ingredient which has been confirmed in lab tests to improve androgenic hormone or testosterone phases considerably. Testofen is really a trademarked edition of the widely used Fenugreek Draw out, that is found mainly in the central eastern and southeast European countries.

Nugenix additionally contains L-Citrulline, which is a protein, and Tribulus terrestris Terrestris, that is found in a number penile enlargement supplements.

1 . An all natural formula
2 . It includes crucial complement supplements to enhance androgenic hormone or testosterone generation
3 . Can be found in local health shops such as GNC.
4 . Pro looking website

1 . Very costly
2 . Only obtainable in the US and Canada

Nugenix is a combination of complement, nutrients and natural ingredients which is marketed as being capable to stimulate organic androgenic hormone or testosterone growth. While the reduction in androgenic hormone or testosterone stages is responsible for erection issues and other problems in most cases, using Nugenix might not be the only way out of your problems. Frequently diet plans , lots of exercise and rest , along with using a Supplement like Nugenix will help return androgenic hormone ortestosterone to a regular and healthier level .

Measles spreading in both New York and California

The New York Times, in a March 18 story, reported that public health officials in New York City are looking closely at the possibility that some of the 20 measles patients this year caught the illness in a doctor’s office or hospital emergency department. Nearly all the patients to date were not vaccinated for the contagious respiratory disease.

The Times quotes Dr. Jay Varma, the health department’s deputy commissioner for disease control, as stating:

We know a number of people were exposed and possibly got their infection either at a doctor’s office or at an emergency room where they went and it took more time than it should have for them to be put in an isolation area where they couldn’t possibly infect anyone else…

On March 14, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) announced that it had received reports of 32 measles cases thus far in 2014. Ten of the 32 patients had traveled overseas, seven to the Philippines, two to India and one to Vietnam. The Philippines is the subject of a travel notice from the Centers for Disease Control where a large measles outbreak has been taking place since Typhoon Haiyan struck.

In California, the CDPH told KPCC on March 18 that 19 of the 32 measles cases in the state this year had not been vaccinated. Of the 19, the officials said that 14 were intentionally not vaccinated.

In NYC, seven of the sick children were too young to be vaccinated, the Times reported. The other two patients were intentionally not vaccinated. There are 11 adult patients and only three had vaccination records. An outbreak in Brooklyn in March, 2013, resulted in 58 measles cases and began with a 17 year old who had been intentionally not vaccinated.

Measles can be a severe and sometimes fatal illness. The Philippine Department of Health reports that from Jan. 1 to Feb. 15, 2014 the nation saw 15,683 suspected cases of measles. There have been 23 confirmed measles deaths in the first six weeks of the year. Of the 3,434 laboratory confirmed cases of measles, 1,502, 30 percent, were in children under the age of 12 months.

Safety alert: GM recalls millions of vehicles due to death, injuries & failures

A major vehicle recall has been made public for the safety and health of drivers who have purchased various types of vehicles which have already caused twelve deaths and thirty-four crashes. The situation has let to government criminal and civil investigations by GM and is set to be heard by Congress as well to address these problems with manufacturing.

On March 17, CBS Money Watch reports that the number one automaker, General Motors is enforcing a recall due to ignition-switch breakdowns, non-deployment of side airbags, materials in passenger instrument panels do not meet federal crash standards and the overheating of the brake booster pump wiring.

There have been 1.6 million older-model vehicles recalled due to ignition-switch issues. Another 1.5 million sport utility, luxury sedans, full-size vans as well as 1.8 million mid-size crossovers recalled due to non0deployment of side airbags. GM presently has three recalls set in motion and expects it will cost $300 million to rectify the issues from the vehicles being recalled.

Some of the specific vehicles in question are the: 2013-1024 Cadillac XTS (69,000 vehicles recalled), 2009-2014 Chevrolet Express and GMC Savana (303,000 vehicles recalled), some 2008-2009 and all 2010-2013 Buick Enclave as well as GMC Acadia crossovers. The 2010-2013 Chevrolet Traverses and some 2008-2009 and all 2010 Saturn Outlooks are also being recalled which have totaled 1.18 million vehicles.

Most of the vehicles were sold in the United States. Some were also sold in parts of Canada and Mexico as well as a small number in the Middle East. The GM CEO, Mary Barra states in a press release from General Motors saying that: “I asked our team to redouble our efforts on our pending product reviews bring them forward and resolve them quickly,” and “That is what today’s GM is all about.”

Anyone who owns a General Motors vehicle is urged to call their dealership or General Motors directly and report any issues with their vehicles on the recall list to prevent further accidents, injuries and deaths. You can enter your vehicle make and vehicle identification number here about your vehicle to see if it is included on the recall listing and what the issues involved consist of that need attention.

GM is very concerned for the safety and peace of mind of their customers – report your vehicle for the safety and peace of mind for yourself and family members who travel in your vehicle with you!

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Stay hydrated with fresh juice

Summer in South Florida is in three little letters, H O T! A perfect time to start trying some new juice recipes and stay hydrated at the same time. There are so many delicious fruits and vegetables in season in Florida to blend into refreshing drinks. Mix in a little coconut water to replace the lost electrolytes without heading to the chemical laden energy drinks in the supermarket. Stay local, fresh and cool this Summer with these yummy juice recipes.

Watermelon Cooler

4 cups of watermelon

1 peeled lime

4 mint leaves

Juice and enjoy! It is best to juice crisp and cold produce resulting in a cold drink.


2 peeled juicing oranges

2 carrots

1 red apple

Juice and enjoy!

Summertime Green Drink

10 celery stalks

3 Granny Smith Apples

1 peeled lemon

Juice and enjoy!

Could my knee pain be arthritis?

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common joint disease causing disability, affecting more than 7 million people in the United States. It is a degenerative joint disease characterized by the breakdown and loss of joint cartilage that is meant to cushion the joint. This causes the bones to rub together with movement, resulting in extreme pain at the joint.

The knee is the joint that is most commonly affected by OA. The knee joint is formed by the intersection of the femur (thigh bone) and the tibia (shin bone), with the patella (knee cap) sitting on top. In a normal functioning knee these bones are able to glide seamlessly against each other over a layer of cartilage that covers the ends of the bones. The cartilage protects the bones and allows them to glide smoothly with normal activity and acts as a shock absorber for high impact activity, like running or jumping. With knee OA, this cartilage begins to wear away. This results in pain, tenderness, stiffness of the joint (usually after periods of inactivity), lack of flexibility, a grinding sensation with movement, and sometimes bone spurs, which are small hard lumps felt around the joint.

What causes knee OA?

The most common cause of knee OA is age, as the ability of the cartilage to heal with injury decreases as a person gets older. Gender is also a factor, as women 55 and older are more likely to experience knee OA than men. Obesity, additionally puts an individual at risk of developing knee OA and is often a cause of OA’s further progression as the added body weight further increases the pressure on the joints. Heredity can also contribute to one’s likelihood of developing knee OA, including inherited abnormalities in the shape of the bones that make up and surround the knee.

Overuse and repetitive stress to any joint can also predispose people to knee OA. For example, people with certain occupations that include kneeling, squatting, or lifting heavy weights are more at risk for developing knee OA due to the constant pressure on the joint. The same goes for athletes, particularly in sports such as soccer and tennis, as the repetitive cutting can breakdown the cartilage, or long distance running due to the high impact of forces over an extended period of time.

With that said, it is important to note that regular moderate exercise strengthens the muscles surrounding the knee joint and can help decrease the risk of developing knee OA. In fact, there is a correlation between decreased quad strength and the disability and pain associated with knee OA.

Physical Therapy of Knee OA

Exercise has been proven to increase knee joint function and decrease symptoms of knee OA. Recent research suggests that physical therapy treatment of knee OA can reduce the need for knee surgery and steroid injections. The combination of strengthening exercises with manual therapy demonstrates improvements in motion, pain, and walking speed. Therapy programs should be designed specifically for each individual based on their particular impairments. For example, if you are lacking knee extension, meaning the ability to fully straighten your knee, both your exercises and manual therapy should focus on moving the joint in that direction. The same is true if you are lacking knee flexion and are unable to fully bend your knee. The problem may also be muscle tightness, in which case exercises should focus on stretching the muscles surrounding the knee. Following exercise it is always recommended to apply ice to the knee to decrease swelling and pain throughout the joint.

Alternative Treatment

If conservative treatment such as physical therapy is unsuccessful in decreasing knee pain, there are other options to consider. Corticosteroid injections fight inflammation and can offer fast pain relief that may last several months. However, the benefits of injections are only temporary with a short term effect.

A more drastic option would be surgery. Arthroscopic surgery is a procedure where the surgeon can remove the damaged cartilage or any loose bone that may be causing pain in order to “clean up” the joint. This again can be seen as a short term solution in order to delay a more complex surgery, like a total knee replacement, which should be considered when all other options have failed. In this procedure, all or part of the knee joint is removed and replaced with an artificial joint made of metal and plastics. Though this surgery may take months to recover from, the relief can last years.

Physical therapy is a great place to start when experiencing knee pain. Surgery should only be considered if therapy is unsuccessful in reducing the pain caused by knee OA. It may be considered if the pain is severe and limits your everyday activities, if it persists while resting both during the day and at night, if you experience chronic swelling or if stiffness limits motion at the knee, causing inability to bend or straighten the knee. However, as previously stated, to prevent the need for knee surgery or to slow the progression of knee OA, regular moderate exercise is recommended. For more information on physical therapy services visit

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NBC NEWS Skeleton 3,200 years old found with cancer

The news article states that archaeologists have discovered a human male skeleton who was riddled with cancer, dating somewhere around 1200 B.C. that was aged between 25 to 35 years old at the time of his death.

This scientific discovery is of great importance to the medical field because of the fact that he died with cancer showing that even hundreds of years ago people contracted cancer.

The article does not state the reasons why he contracted cancer but the skeleton is being examined and hopefully they will find new information to help with modern day cancer patients.

From memoirs to self-help guides, learn about anorexia and bulimia resources

An estimated 10 million women and one million men in the United States suffer from an eating disorder, according to the Eating Disorder Foundation. If you’re seeking help for yourself or someone you care about, talk with an expert.

In addition, we recommend the following books and DVDs:

  • “Letting Ana Go” tells the story of a girl who seems to have it all. But as she struggles with meeting expectations, she turns to controlling food as a way to take charge of her life. Weight loss comes to mean success, all documented in a moving diary that reveals the toll and tragedy of eating disorders. Learn more about “Letting Ana Go”
  • “Wasted: A Memoir of Anorexia and Bulimia (P.S.)” is a fascinating memoir by best-selling author Marya Hornbacher. In it, she reveals how she first fight to lose weight – and then battled to recover. It’s a stark, insightful journey through the looking glass of eating disorders. Learn more about “Wasted: A Memoir”
  • What happens when a woman specializing in documentaries and photography explores life within an eating disorders treatment facility? The answer is “Thin,” an exploration into the lives of brave girls and women who revealed their stories in hopes of helping others. Included with their personal stories are essays on the sociology and science of eating disorders by renowned researchers Joan Jacobs Brumberg, Dr. David Herzog, and Dr. Michael Strober. Learn more about “Thin” by clicking here. Also recommended: HBO’s original documentary showcasing those patients: Get the details on the DVD
  • “You can never be too rich or too thin” has become a familiar saying. But Susan Sarandon proves why the “too thin” element can be deadly in the documentary “Dying to Be Thin”
  • Discover how to know if a “problem” might be an eating disorder by clicking here for “Almost Anorexic: Is My (or My Loved One’s) Relationship with Food a Problem? (The Almost Effect).”

Addiction and the Modern World

If you are like the average American you most likely spend 2 to 3 hours on social media per day. You may find it difficult to remember what life was like before news feeds, tweets and hashtags. The internet serves as an information highway, giving you the ability to instantly access thousands of ideas, solutions, products and answers for your every need and desire. When we talk about modern media technologies and substance use though, that instant access to information can be a double-edged sword, brining unpredictable results either way.

With the increasing cost of healthcare, especially in the United States, Americans are looking for cost saving or free alternatives to help them overcome substance use problems. Although often times unreliable, there are hundreds of modern technologies to help someone with an addiction. These can range from self-help articles, discussion boards, and blogs, to apps. Talking about apps, there are so many available, that I am starting to believe the slogan, “There’s an app for that!” One simple search through my own cell phone and I have stumbled upon close to 2,000 apps covering the topics of alcohol use, drug or sex addiction. Many of these apps are entirely free, but what is their purpose and do they work?

In general, it’s probably not the best idea to rely only on a phone app to resolve any kind of problem, let alone something as serious as substance use related issues. While these apps can be interesting, “fun” and a curious thing to try, they might also create false expectations or false sense of security that might be used as an excuse for people to drink more and/or consider they are still in a condition to safely operate a vehicle after drinking in excess. In other words, relying on your phone to determine blood alcohol content level (BAC) or to discover how many beverages it will take to become extremely intoxicated, or participating in online drinking tag games should probably be at the bottom of the list for usefulness. However, there are apps out there that can help with moderation, creating better habits and sticking to healthier choices when it comes to substance use.

Of course, apps do not provide a human interaction and that is why, probably one of the top places people seek advice for substance use online, are the discussion boards. Yahoo Answers, Quora, specialized addiction boards, you name it. I admit, I have used (and I am still using) some of these too. While I was pregnant and now that I had a new baby, I am constantly finding myself turning to Google and Yahoo answers for every noise or sneeze my newborn makes. Why I do it? For the same reason people with substance use problems do the same thing- people like to belong. I have found a ton of online communities filled with moms just like me, dealing with the same questions, battling the same everyday problems. While it is useful to hear from others who “have been there and done that”. a word of caution- expert advice cannot be substituted with experience, especially when it comes to addiction.

Every situation is different, every person is different, so what worked for Jane might not work for John. Just because someone else has the same problems or experience the same symptoms does not make them an expert on the topic. Everyone’s body reacts differently to drugs and alcohol, and everyone’s experiences with addiction are different. Working for a substance use program, I know that people are often embarrassed to discuss substance related questions and the anonymity of the discussion boards alleviates that stress. However, what is often convenient, is even more often unreliable.

The internet has become the main communication channel for many. Sometimes, we trust the suggestions and opinions of complete strangers in regards to our lives, relationships, and finances, but when it comes to health, things get complicated very quick. Inexpert advise, even if it is well intentioned, can jeopardize the health of the person on the other end and potentially have harmful, even deadly consequences if the advice seeker is undergoing side effects from using substances or if they are trying to detox at home.

Of course, that does not mean that people should not take advantage of the vast amount of information available at their fingertips. As with everything, balance is the key. Using information from trusted or professional resources is a great way to go about it. With substance use problems, it is a very disconcerting trend that people tend to self-diagnose and sometimes self-medicate as a result. The thousands substance use online screening surveys ( often referred to as “screeners”) that determine if a person is or is not an addict are a great example.

While these tests may create awareness, they can also promote false diagnoses, provoke depression symptoms and increase stress. They are general questions such as “Do you drink alone?” but just because someone drinks alone does not mean they necessarily have a serious drinking problem. However, this “correlation” indicated by the screeners might make a person believe they have a more serious problem than they really do-which can actually cause a person to drink or use drugs more.

While modern technology in regards to addiction isn’t always the answer, there are certainly numerous positives that can be achieved through social media sites and that is the factor of awareness. While there is nothing positive to say in regards to the recent passing of yet another extremely talented actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman, there is a silver lining in the tragedy. Through social media, news related to these kinds of events spread like wildfire , through memorial pages, tweets and photos. The death of Hoffman and other well known actors, such as Cory Monteith and Brittany Murphy, raise awareness specially across alternative to drug rehab centers and open the door for drug or alcohol users to get the other means of help. The death of a celebrity often touches a large number of people at the same time and could become a reason for the average person to realize that if it can happen to a celebrity, it can happen to them as well.

Overcoming a substance use problem takes much more than filling out a survey or reading a few articles on the internet. It takes hard work, determination and the willingness to dig deep into issues that many have been avoided for years. There’s no quick fix or instant answer that will change the substance use reality that a person has created with their own choices and behavior. The key is to want the change, make the right choices, ask the right questions and look for that answer that will unlock the courage to stop drinking or using drugs and change your life for the better-just keep in mind, that change is possible.